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Don’t just take our word for it — see what other people are saying about Sugarberry Sweets!  And while you’re savoring all that delicious, sugary, cupcakey goodness, take a moment and tell us exactly what’s on your mind.  We’d love to share your comments on our review page and have you help us tell the world about your Sugarberry Sweets cupcake experience. 

Having trouble putting all those oooohhs and aaaahhs into words?  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:
* What is your favorite flavor and why?                                                                     
* What was the occasion? (birthday, holiday, special event, just ‘cuz)
* How does Sugarberry Sweets compare with other cupcakes you’ve tried in the past?
* Did you try something new or stick to your tried ‘n’ true favorite?
* Did your treats meet or exceed your expectations?
* Was your order delivered on time as promised and to your specifications?
* Rate the quality of the product and your overall experience with Sugarberry Sweets!

OMG…. Awesome! Rum and Champagne cupcakes! Who says cupcakes are for kids!
Diane T.

Excellent, love Lemon Burst! Frosting was very smooth, and not too sweet. Liked the Peanut Butter flavor….tasted good & very moist! Frosting was very smooth, with the P.B. cup on top was perfect.
Darlene D.

Red Velvet and Chocolate were yummy! I loved the Orange Vanilla Dream the best. Frostings were awesome.
Nancy M.

I just had the Chai Latte cupcake. Very good. Not too spicy. Just right. I really like that your cupcakes aren’t too sweet. Good job!
Laurie B.

We enjoyed the wonderful cupcakes! So far, I like the Orange Vanilla Dream and the Peanut Butter Twist. Red Velvet is GREAT and so moist! Still have to decide which is our favorite, but seriously they are all really good!
Julie H.

Even the pictures look AMAZING!!!
Lorrie M.

The cupcakes were a HUGE hit. Everyone loved them.
Brook G.

Thank you so much….presentation is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!
Jody J.

John is absolutely raving about the cupcakes you made. He’s a critical guy, and he says they are the BEST he’s ever tasted! Everyone at the party loved them too.
Darlene E.

Seriously the best peanut butter cupcake I ever ate. Frosting was smooth and rich. Cake was moist. Piece of candy was a nice addition. Great peanut butter flavor.
Tracy S.

You now have legions of fans. People went crazy over the cupcakes — especially the guys!
Laura M.

They are just scrumptious!
Amy P.

I enjoyed your cupcakes last week and I am excited to share it with my friends as well. I’ll be taking cupcakes tomorrow for a party in St. Louis.

We have enjoyed the cupcakes you so graciously dropped off at the Breast Care Center at St. Alexius Hospital. Thanks!
Kathy M.

Thanks for the first order. Delivered them all yesterday to rave reviews!
Tami M.

Each cupcake had its own flavor and you could tell the difference even if you were blindfolded. I liked the fact that the frostings were not that thick and icky sweet stuff. They were not hard or dry even after keeping them in the freezer!
Laurie B.

A co-worker brought in some cupcakes from Sugarberry Sweets. All I can say is wow these are THE best cupcakes I’ve ever had! There is no way I could ever pick a favorite because of all the ones I’ve tried they were all so delicious!
Glenn E.

The Salty Caramel Kiss and Red Velvet are two of my many favorites. LOVE THESE CUPCAKES!! Can’t wait to try them all!
Monica J.

My daughter will be getting married very soon and she will be serving Sugarberry Sweets cupcakes at her wedding instead of a cake. My little girl deserves the very best and that’s what she is getting with these cupcakes. The absolute Best!! I order them all the time and I cannot wait to get my lips on them again. Thank you Sugarberry Sweets!
Donna  E.
Streamwood, IL

Just wanted to say how good all your cupcakes are. One of my favorite would be the “Beer” cupcakes with the pretzels on top…. and go figure I don’t even drink any kind of beer. Thanks for baking these amazing little treats.
Joyce M.

My older sister and I were throwing a baby shower for our little sister. It was her first baby so we wanted everything at the shower to be perfect. I got a Sugarberry Sweets business card from a friend of mine who said they were the best cupcakes around and we were pleasantly surprised with the selection of cupcakes on the website. The person on the phone was very informative and really sweet. When we got the cupcakes they tasted so good that they were like a piece of heaven and we were very impressed with the taste and how really cute they were too!  Everyone loved the cupcakes and asked for the number so they can place an order too. Since the shower, I’ve hosted and attended a few events with family and friends and I/we always order from Sugarberry. Thank you, Nancy, for telling me about this place and thank you Sugarberry Sweets for great cupcakes!

I just want to let you know how much I love your cupcakes! I generally don’t eat sweets but the flavors are so spot on its unbelievable! I love the Caramel Apple and Lemon Burst! I will definitely be ordering from you going forward! Keep baking!
Sarah H.

One of the main reasons why I stopped eating sweets is due to the fact that all the sweets I can find that are store-bought are disgusting. Anything from the major manufacturers let me down time and time again. However, when I met Lisa Garcia from Sugarberry Sweets she assured me that her cupcakes would change my mind on the whole Sweet-World. Let me tell you, she was right! Do you remember that feeling of biting down into some sugary homemade goodness during the holidays? The way it crumbled in your mouth and left you with that feeling of warmth and happiness? Well Lisa Garcia has perfected that feeling and put it into every cupcake she makes! I didn’t eat sweets for over four years. However, when I met her, I’m now constantly ordering cupcakes for my wife (and myself)! I can’t get over how she crafts these confections into such a way that makes them so sinfully delectable! She really is the Sugar Master and is so nice and understanding when it takes you a while to decide what you want!  With over 80 different recipes she will have something (or EIGHTY) that you will love and crave! I fiend for her cupcakes, I honestly do. With her being so close to my house in the Chicago Area, it couldn’t get any better than this!
Chris G.
Carol Stream, IL

I would like to say that your cupcakes are the most delicious cupcakes I have ever eaten. They are so moist and flavorful.  I really don’t have a favorite. The presentation is outstanding. Each cupcake is better than the next. The frosting is so rich and creamy.
Donna K.
Norridge, IL

My soon to be mother in law ordered a cake through you for my wedding shower.  I just wanted to say thank you for such a BEAUTIFUL cake!  The cake is what everyone has been talking about since the shower!  I took a ton of pictures of it and so did all my guests.  I don’t know how you replicated my ring so perfectly, but it turned out absolutely beautiful.  Everyone, including my fiance, said it was the best they had tasted in a long time.  Thank you for making our shower extra special!
Rachel N.

I would love to just rave about your delicious Lemon Burst cupcakes. I love the chilled filling and the sweet and tangy frosting. It was extremely tasty and one of the best cupcakes I had by far!!!! Everyone should definitely try this cupcake.
Allyea M.

These cupcakes are awesome!  The best taste teaser and the most freshest cupcakes I have ever had.  Not only are they good with fun flavors and fillings, they are made with so much love. I recommend these cupcakes for all and any events.  I personally will be ordering these cupcakes for my wedding, instead of a traditional cake! That’s just how good they really are!
Tasha P.

Have you ever had the opportunity to taste something that reminds you of your grandma’s kitchen but better?  Well I have found that perfect place for you in Sugarberry Sweets, with a variety of tantalizing cupcakes that melt in your mouth, and at the same time have the ability to make you home sick with every bite you take. If you are looking for something mouthwatering and intriguing to devour contact Lisa at 224-688-7010 or go and check out her website at for an awesome and amazing experience. Baked fresh to order for family functions, graduations and more……Do yourself a favor  and show your loved ones you care and try these tiny morsels of heaven — you wont regret it.
Queen B.
Oak Park, IL

If you haven’t tried Lisa’s delicious cupcakes, you REALLY don’t know what you are MISSING! These dainty and delectable indulgences are beyond compare. The variety of unique flavors are absolutely scrumptious!! They are a magnificent delicacy which are truly a blessing to the discerning palate. They are the perfect addition to a buffet and are decorated meticulously! I have bought similar products at Deerfield’s bakery and Sunset Foods but they can’t hold a candle to Lisa’s wonderful cupcakes! They were the hit of my family’s Christmas Eve celebration and I can whole heartedly recommend these wonderful sweet desserts to anyone who enjoys a “little bit of Heaven!”
Cheryl Mc.

Janet K.
Chicago, IL

I have previously had Lisa’s cupcakes and they were amazing! Incredibly designed and delicious. Look almost too good to eat but of course you have to have one!
Beth G.

The cupcakes are always delicious.  Very moist.  The flavors are awesome, each cupcake really tastes different.  When I first had the S’more cupcakes I didn’t want to stop eating them, they were so good! Thanks!
Christopher R.

I must get my fix. Your chocolate cupcakes are my favorite. I really like the Chocolate Explosion and the Gimme S’mores…people you need to buy Sugarberry.  You’ll never go back to your former favorites. With so many different flavors, there’s literally something for everyone. These are no ordinary cupcakes. These are….CUPCAKES!
Stephanie F.
Carol Stream, IL

Sugarberry Sweets! These are the best cupcakes that I have had in my life…I have so many favs already…French Toast, White Chocolate, Lemon and so many more. Great Service, Great Taste and Loads of Flavor. Thanks for making my day sweeter.
Monalisa C.

So much flavor is packed in the mini cupcakes. These are the best cupcakes I have ever had — it warms my tummy and my heart with every bite. If you ever plan on doing Cupcake Wars or one of them shows I will be a #1 supporter. Especially for the cinnamon ones….YUMMY!!!!!!
Elaine M.

The Mint cupcake I had was very delicious and I am not a big mint fan.
Chris K.
Streamwood, IL

Just a note to let you know how much the kids (and adults) loved the Kris Kringle cupcakes! They were wonderful! My niece Lisa loved them and her children, Angel and Tatianna said they were heavenly. Little JaMario tried to take everyone’s cupcake to stuff in his mouth – he’s two and loves sweets. Your wonderful treats made Auntie Darla the hit of our Christmas party! Thank you for making such delightful treats! They are beautiful, elegant, and best of all – delicious!
Darla B.

Thank you so much for the beautiful and luscious cupcakes. What a surprise when Sue came back with them! Too bad she couldn’t take some home on the plane, but all the more for me!
Carolyn L.
Woodstock, IL

I had a couple of your cupcakes and they were really good. I don’t usually eat the frosting because it is usually too sweet or has a taste that I really don’t care for. So to tell the truth, the first one I just ate the cupcake and took off the frosting. When I ate the second one I took off the frosting and just ate the cupcake but then I decided to just taste the frosting. So I put a little bit on my finger and it was sooooo good! I ate the frosting by itself!
Myrna M.

The initial impression of this cupcake’s topped bacon ingredient definitely peaked my curiosity and, despite my preconceived notion, it works!! The Sunday Morning Breakfast is a sheer delight. Taking a bite of this creative cupcake gives you an explosion of flavors. Its like having a tiny stack of French toast with a side of bacon. The creator seems to add just the perfect amount of maple to the mix, sending your taste buds through flips of a fight between a delightful breakfast and a delectable dessert. All in all The Sunday Morning Breakfast is very comforting.
Antonia M.

Sugarberry Sweets are as good as it gets when it comes to cupcakes. I have enjoyed every cupcake and haven’t had anything I did not like. The cupcakes are as good and beautiful as the person who makes them!
Danny K.

THE best cupcakes hands down. I’m not a sweet lover, but oh how I love Sugarberry Sweets! You can tell that all the cupcakes are made with tender love and care just like the owner! The best foodgasm you’ll ever have!
Deeona W.

These are the best cupcakes I have ever had. I have served them as sweets for my sweethearts for “Sweetest Day”, I have served them as desserts for “ThanksGiving” and “Christmas”. Some of my favorites are the Red Velvet, Lemon Burst, Chocolate Explosion, French Toast & Bacon, and I can’t forget the Taffy Apple!!!
All I can say is yum, yum, yum :-)))))
Lakeita W.

My mom knows the owner and she brought some cupcakes home on New Years day. My sister and I ate a couple and enjoyed every bite. I myself am not a chocolate fan but the different blends that combined the chocolate with the caramel was great! I asked my mom for future events can she please order these cupcakes. I look forward to trying more flavors.
Jabria R.

I love your cupcakes, the minis are a delightful mouth full. My favorites are Taffy Apple, Mint Chocolate Chip, and the new Caramel Toffee Latte (I haven’t tasted it yet, but) chocolate, coffee and caramel is my kind of cupcake!
Rochelle L.

I had some cupcakes made by Sugarberry Sweets, and they were very delicious. I recommend this bakery to anyone that wants quality cupcakes. I will be ordering real soon!!!
Nakia S.

Although I haven’t tasted your cupcakes yet, everyone here at work loves them. The mini ones are very tiny and yummy and pretty. One day you will make me a yummy big cupcake. …update: You found my weakness with the Banana Pudding Cupcakes! THE best EVER! I am now a fan!
R. Martin

Lisa at Sugarberry Sweets is amazing! I have never been so infatuated with cupcakes until I tried Lisa’s. I have 3 favorites, Chocolate Explosion, Caramel Apple and Lemon Burst. She even makes French Toast with Bacon cupcakes!! To die for!!!
Heidi D.

These cupcakes were great, they were so very moist that they melt in your mouth. Everyone goes crazy over them!
Katrina G.

Whenever we have a potluck at work Lisa brings the most delicious cupcakes.  The word passes through the building so fast, people from other departments come to make sure they can get their taste buds filled…She give us so much variety to choose from….I love all of them but my favorite is her Banana Pudding cupcake, Red Velvet and the Rumchata Crunch. I can’t wait till my housewarming to put a special order in …Keep up the good work Lisa, your baking skills are awesome.
Layfeatter (Laffy) R.

So once again the Cupcake Master has satisfied my chocolate crave!  These cupcakes are yummy and delish…..Sugarberry Sweets gets five stars from me! Life is Sweet….Take a Bite. LOVE It!
T. Price

Oh my, Blue Velvet is really wonderful! You have a very nice selection of cupcakes.  There’s a couple people interested now that they’ve seen my cupcakes.  Your cupcakes are awesome! Blue velvet – what a creation! That is one of the most creative and beautiful cupcakes I’ve ever seen – and delicious too! Thank you for sharing!
D. Baker

Lisa, my kids loved those cupcakes that you made. They were fighting for them. The French toast with bacon was the biggest hit. We all have our own favorite ones but they all are very, very good. I now have my cupcake lady for all my parties.
Shannon P.

Thanks for the cupcakes!  I like the Key Lime!

SIMPLY DELISH! The best cupcakes in the Chicagoland area! If my mid-section would allow it, I would eat them everyday, all day. No joke. Great job Lisa!
Matt B.

Your Turtle flavor cupcakes were FANTASTIC!!! The Key Lime and Red Velvet were also awesome!!!
Jeremy A.

I am in a happy state of shock! The Sunday Morning Breakfast Cupcake is fantastic! I saw the bits of bacon, and wasn’t sure that I was going to enjoy it – but I’m glad that my curiosity got the best of me. The bacon, French toast and syrup flavors of this cupcake meld together so well that my mouth is watering just thinking about it. These are perfect – for any time of day!
Flowery Branch, GA

The imagination and variety of so many different flavors of cupcakes is divine!! It is wonderful to sample these perfect renditions of the various themes in bite-size, otherwise a whole cake of each would be toooooo much. “Variety is the spice of life” is often said and this applies here as well. You will always want more!! Congratulations Lisa on work so well done! Rock on!

I remember traveling to Oak Park to try some cup cakes featured on food network. I am lucky enough to have tried so many of your amazing cup cakes and they are head over heels better than the cup cakes featured on that program. I plan on purchasing them for my son’s upcoming birthday. Sugarberry Sweets… amazing.
Jason V.

I tried Lisa’s cupcakes for the first time recently and they were amazing! I tried the Red Velvet and Key Lime. They melted in my mouth they were so good. I hope she makes gluten free ones soon!!!
Jessica K.

What an amazing cake you created for my daughter-in-law’s shower. Everyone was absolutely amazed by your talent… Most couldn’t believe it was edible! All I had to do was show you a picture of her engagement ring and magically you replicated it! Keep up the good work! Thank you.
Midge Misceo
Union House bar/grill

I’ve tried the Sunday Morning Breakfast Cupcake, and let me tell you, this is one delicious cupcake. You get the taste of breakfast with the maple syrup with the frosting and the deliciousness of bacon as a topping (can’t go wrong with Bacon). It really brings a sweet and salty feel to the cupcake and your mouth. Really recommended if you are looking to have some Breakfast for Dessert. Treat yourself to one of these, very delicious.
Rey Gonzalez

I am addicted.  I have never tasted anything as flavorful and decadent as these cupcakes.  The very best, for sure!!!!  I don’t think I can ever go back to store bought.
Candice J.
San Antonio, TX

You have the most delectable cupcakes to grace this universe! I am a super-fan of your Apple Pie cupcakes. Sweet and moist with a dab of apple pie filling: heaven on earth! Thank you for your generosity, Lisa. My tastebuds are in awe of your skills.
Reginald Y.
San Antonio, TX

Your cupcakes are to die for!!! I believe that I had the one you call Toffee Latte. All I can say is it was heaven in my mouth!!! I couldn’t have just one, they are THAT good!!! Thank you kindly again!
Omar S.
San Antonio, TX

Lisa, I have the fudge browie cupcake. 1 word, 3 letters, all caps, screaming, WOW! Recipe for instant happiness!
Gabriel M.
San Antonio, TX

These were absolutely the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had! You were able to take a childhood favorite treat and turn it into an adult version of heaven! The cupcakes were moist and full of flavor, each holding true to each individual name! Each bite was taken with pleasure and anticipation for the next!!! Each cupcake was a mini masterpiece! I love the different flavor choices so it will please both the young children in my family as well as the adults. These cupcakes will definitely be a staple at all of my gatherings!! Thank you soooo much Lisa!
Stella V.
San Antonio, TX

The cupcakes are a unique treat and the flavors are incredible, the first time I’ve tasted a peanut butter flavor that taste like peanut butter, and the caramel apple are a family favorite, its like a carnival in a cupcake. The best cupcakes I’ve ever had.
Jose R.
San Antonio, TX

The (mini) cupcakes were delicious! 🙂 They are the perfect size to not get full off just one – that way you can taste more than one flavor! The Apple Pie cupcake was my favorite! I highly reccommend ordering from Sugarberry Sweets!
Cierra M.
San Antonio, TX

Lisa your cupcakes are the bomb! You have a true culinary talent!
Anna C.
San Antonio, TX

Your Apple Pie mini cupcake was PERFECT it’s just big enough to get a few small bites out of – unless you’re a boy. The cake part is perfectly moist and tastes like a sweeter version of my grandmother’s apple bread. Then the frosting with the slivers of cinnamon sugar phyllo dough is the crowning achievement. Overall one of the best cupcakes I’ve had. She never disappoints!
Amanda S.
San Antonio, TX

These cupcakes not only look amazing, but they have the taste to back it up! SO DELICIOUS!!
Jonathan A.
San Antonio, TX 

The German Chocolate cupcakes were heavenly! Looking forward to White Coconut!!!!!!
Kris N.
San Antonio, TX

I’ll preface the following comment/statement by acknowledging that I am no baked-goods connoisseur.  However, as far as pastries, cakes, and generally all things sweet, I do make it a point to partake and try just about all baked goods that are brought in to the office. In my opinion, of all cupcakes I’ve had the opportunity to taste, without hesitation, Lisa’s get an AAA++ rating!!!  Without fail, every sample I tried was unparalleled when it came to real flavor (for both frosting & cupcake), texture, and balance of creaminess and smoothness!!
Jose S.
San Antonio, TX

I had the Horchata cupcakes and they were truly amazing. The frosting was not over the top sweet and the cake was fluffy and moist!  Thank you for sharing!
Nick C.
San Antonio, TX

Special thanks to Lisa for her amazingly creative and delicious cupcakes. So much work are put into these little bites of heaven! They were a BIG hit at the daughter’s reception! My only regret is that I didn’t get a picture with it full of cupcakes! The beautiful crystal cupcake stand is also a must!!! Thank you again so much for your beautiful creativeness which is an art!
Dai G.
San Antonio, TX