What’s the 411?

What if I don’t eat all my cupcakes?

Well, cupcakes are made to share! But if you want to keep them all for yourself and you intend to finish them off later tonight or tomorrow, then just keep them covered (our packaging should do just fine) at room temperature.  We do not recommend refrigerating our cupcakes so if you want to save them longer, you will get the best results by placing them in the freezer. When you’re ready for a sweet treat, just place your cupcake on the counter and it should come to room temperature within 15-30 minutes.

Why can’t I find you?

We are able to keep our prices competitive because we do not have the overhead of a traditional storefront. It’s kinda like a secret club since we work online and primarily by referral….and you have the secret code to get in!

How far is too far?

As much as we would like to deliver a sweet Sugarberry sensation to all corners of the globe, we are few and the world is many.  Therefore, we have decided to focus our energies on the San Antonio area.  Fuel & Delivery Charges may apply in some cases, and will vary by zip code, but we are happy to meet you half way if you wish, so just give us a call for specific rates.

What is a Sweet Reward?

We appreciate your business!  Every order over $50 earns you a Sweet Reward (which we’ll attach to your confirmation)…..collect 10 rewards and trade them in for free sweets!  Now that’s a sweet deal!

What happened to the creamy center?

Descriptions for many of our cupcakes indicate that you can expect to find a creamy, fruity or chocolatey center, which adds weight and dimension to our cupcakes.  You’ll still get the same great quality and flavor, but since we like to keep our cakes light some mini versions may not be able to support a filling.  In that case, go big!

How fast can I get my stuff?

We request that you give us as much notice as possible (preferably at least a week) for regular orders and a minimum of three weeks for holiday orders.  This allows us to schedule our baking and delivery accordingly, and ensures that we can continue to deliver the freshest product to you in the most efficient way.

Who said cupcakes are for kids?

Our Sweet’n’Sassy series contains alcohol, which makes them a little sassier than our traditional sweets.  The alcohol burns off during the baking process so there’s no need to call a taxi, but it leaves behind just enough sass to remind you that adults can have fun too!

How many should I eat?

One gourmet cupcake contains enough indulgence for a sweet treat, but good things come in small packages too!  So if you’re trying to find your favorites, plan on savoring at least three or four of those mini little cakes before satisfying that craving!